What is this thing called FASCIA?

Fascia ~ you’ve seen it in chicken.

Our muscles are covered in fascia and it keeps all the muscle fibers together. It protects every single muscle bundle that makes up the muscle. Fascia is like the framework and scaffolding that the muscle uses to operate. It holds and supports the muscle together giving it it’s shape forma nd function.

Imagine being on a sailboat ~ and you have to bend and twist. That is all because of the support of Fascia ~ just as the sail has to be allowed to align with the wind. If the sail is too taught and it doesn’t give, OOOPS you tip over. If the sail isn’t aligned with the right direction of the wind and has too much slack ~ well, then you may not be sailing at optimum speed! This happens with your body too!!!


Fascia Facts:

*It is pound by pound stronger than steel. Unless you know how to keep it working freely, it can and will be very difficult to release!!!!!!

*Is the material that makes up our tendons and ligaments ~ allowing for us to bend or hold our position.

*It does not contract but can shrink or expand

*Is also emotional (HuH?) Yes, at times of high stress, it will shrink around the muscle it is trying to protect!

*When muscles are injured, fascia will tear. It eventually heals but like skin can leave a thicker sensitive scar behind restricting it’s ability to support.

Yes, Fascia can scar. It can become attached, rigidly, to other structured and muscle tissue. And, for many people, it is the key to solving chronic pain from old injuries.

The good news is that the healthier your fascia is to begin with the less severe the effects of accidents and injuries will be and the quicker the recovery. The better news is that using active fascial release and myofascial release techniques along with acupressure, it can be released. The best news is at Body-Wise Therapeutics, we employ these skills in our treatments for maximum results. AND, the better Best News is that with fascia on your side you will be able to perform like top athletes in work and in play ~ here’s to your Sails Being Full!

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