What do Facial Reflexology, Massage and the 2012 Summer Olympics have in common?

Sports Massage is well known for helping athletes. The Olympics have utilized massage therapists to help athletes prepare for their events and to recover from competition.
Sports Massage has many physical benefits. It helps increase blood flow, increase joint range of motion, helps with flexibility and enhances recovery time. Those are just a few of the PHYSICAL benefits.
It also helps athletes with their minds.Sports psychology is much at play during a massage as it gives the athlete a chance to simply destress. Many athletes also use the time for visualization the end result they want!

It is no wonder that massage is a key component to health and wellness at the Olympics!

Did you know that Facial Reflexology is good for athletes too?

In fact, the instructor I trained with in this field is going to be giving Facial Reflexology at the 2012 Olympic Games working with the Sailing Teams!!!!!!!!!

The relaxation that athletes are given during this treatment is huge. They’ve said to be able to sleep better (and the Olympic Games are notorious for getting lack of sleep and down time for the athletes). You can read about other sports benefits of facial reflexology     right here.

This is so exciting that Facial Reflexology and, of course, massage is getting the recognition it deserves and is being utilized in this way. Have you ever had a facial reflexology treatment? Wouldn’t you like to get these benefits?


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