Waterwheels: Why They are Like our Physical Body & How a Personal Trainer can help you convert this energy!


The water wheel coverts energy of free-flowing water into power. There are all types of water wheels: backshot, reversible, overshot, breastshot ~~~ who knew?
What muscles do is convert energy into power ~ I learned how a long, long time ago in my exercise physiology course in college. We all know that exercise converts into a healthier body. And, we all strive toward this. Most of us don’t do this well. That’s where the world of gyms, classes and personal trainers enter our lives.
Like massage therapists, personal trainer’s come in all degrees of knowledge and education, expertise and ability to deliver the results, we as the consumer, desire. Working them once or on an ongoing basis can have profound results in your life.
In this day and age, you don’t even have to LIVE near a trainer to get the resultsfrom them you desire. You simply need to connect with someone to have a consultation and results. Today, I introduce an Exercise Physiology class mate of mine: Tim Drown: Maine’s Functional Training Coach.
Tim is gifted in being able to really understand his client’s challenges and create programs that give his clients RESULTS. He’s been doing this for over 25 years. He works with clients not only from his To Be A Champion Fitness center but his clients work with him from all areas of the country.  He offers several different long-distance programs that give results. Losing weight, feeling better, reducing stress, enhanced sports performance and more are all the kind of results Tim’s clients receive when they are working with him.
In this day and age when looking for professionals, to work with, we can think out of the box by looking far and wide for those that resonate with us. If personal health and improved success at your wellness endeavors is a goal you strive for, Tim will be able to help you achieve those goals.
Personal trainers offer you the ability to transform your personal energy into power that will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Have you ever used one that was not local? Have you ever used a personal trainer before?


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