The face: a telling tale.

 The face, it bears all! 

                      It tells our friends and family how you are ‘feeling’. It expresses your emotion

                      It tells the Face Reader about your character and your emotional predispotitions.

                      It tells the Facial Reflexologist about your state of health & wellness.

    Facial Reflexology can easily be defined as using manual stimulation on the face to effect change and achieve a state of equilibrium within one’s body. Our face tells your therapist much about your life.

      The Sorensensistem™ of facial reflexology is as thorough a program as I can find. It integrates a variety of approaches to the face in one treatment. This allows for far greater healing process within the time element of a treatment. The founder, Lone Sorenson, has spent decades creating this tool for manual therapists to achieve their goals for their clients.

The Benefits of Facial Reflexology are numerous. Some include helping with:

  • Allergies                
  • Anxiety, tension & Stress
  • Asthma
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Immune System Problems
  • Insomnia
  • Hyperactivity
  • Muscular aches & pains
  • Respiratory Issues & More

The system integrates 7 basic steps with additional approaches blended in to create individualization of treatments. These steps include

  1. stimulating neurovascular points and microcirculation of the face
  2. working by zone therapy to free nerve blockages and detect any imbalance within these systems
  3.  Deep stimulation via the Vitnamese Map addressing the imbalance found in step 2.
  4. Works to effect the imbalance found via the cranial nerves of the sensory and mortor cortex of the brain
  5. Works on the muscles, tendons, joints and spinal chord through zone therapy of the face
  6. Aims to achieve a lymphatic drainage effect stimulating neurovascular points
  7. Balances the right and left ‘brains’ to achieve emotional equilibrium.

These will be the focus of further discussions.

One of the biggest benefits of Facial Reflexology is the incredible amount of relaxation you receive from it. It takes you hours and hours and miles and miles away from your daily life and allows you to recharge as never before. Another bonus for most people is the softening of skin and wrinkles!!!!

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