The Art Of Aromatherapy Blending

Many massage therapist offer aromatherapy massage. But what does that mean?

Many therapists will use a predetermined, generic aromatherapy blend.  A blend might be for clients that need relaxation. Another different generic blend will be used for all  those clients asking for muscle relief. There are still other generic aromatherapy massage oils that are used to stimulating the senses when clients ask for it.

Clients requesting an aromatherapy massage deserve better than having a generically blended oil. They deserve to have one blended with essential oils that will deliver the specific effect that they are requesting. One client may like the scent of a generic relaxation blend another might not like that particular scent at all. So, the oil should be blended specifically to their preferences.

Our limbic system reacts to the inhalation of essential oils. It reacts from emotions of our past and influences the nervous and hormonal systems. Thus, essential oils easily affect heart rate, stress level, blood pressure and more. Many oils have the same healing properties but may have different effects on people.

Example of this is the use of geranium. It has a calming effect and can easily be used in a relaxation massage. So, client #1, Susie comes in and asks for an aromatherapy relaxation massage and her therapist begins the appointment with a blend that uses geranium. She is in heaven. The scent reminds her of a distant memory of a peaceful day. Ahhhhhhhhh! Client #2 comes in, Mary, and she asks for an aromatherapy relaxation massage and her therapist begins the appointment with the same blend. Mary squirms on the table never quite getting comfortable. When asked by her therapist, she says she doesn’t like the scent and so the therapist switches to another blend. It takes her another 20 minutes to rest and relax during HER appointment time. She remembers much later that the scent reminded her of her 3rd grade classroom and she hated her teacher that year.

In these cases, the same oil is used for calming effect but had two very different outcomes. Had the therapist been one that was TRAINED in aromatherapy and blended oils for the individual appointments, a quick check would have shown that Mary was uncomfortable with having geranium in her blend. A tailored and more appropriate aromatherapy oil could have been created just for Mary!

Blending essential oils for an aromatherapy massage is both an art and a science. It requires training and expertise. Even an alteration in the sequence of adding selected oils to a blend may change the chemical properties, the fragrance and therefore, the desire results.

Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions.

It is best to know what desired affects you want from an aromatherapy massage and schedule your appointment with a therapist who has had a minimum of 50 continue education hours in the art and science.

Have you ever had an aromatherapy massage? What are your favorite scents? Tell Us below ~ we want to know!

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