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Got Allergies? Sinus Pain? Want Relief? It’s just fingertips away…

Many of my clients suffer from sinus pain, and the spring allergy season brings out the worst of it. While here are the obvious over-the-counter remedies and holistic approaches to get relief, if you can avoid the triggers in the … Continue reading

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Does your therapist look upon massage as a profession?

Professionalism in massage therapy is blurry at best. It’s sad to say. This is on  two particular levels. The first is in the way continuing education is treated. The second is in the way we (as therapists) perceive connection with … Continue reading

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Couples Massage: An Intimate way to Relaxation, Healing & Bonding

  Couples massage is a trend that has taken over the ‘spa’ industry over the last 5 years. These treatments are offered in a suite or office large enough for two tables. You and your spouse, partner or friend receive … Continue reading

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