Rule of Three for Relaxation

Rule of 3. “Three” shows up so often in our lives and it’s quite powerful. When you look at how the universe orders itself, the number three shows up. In religion, father, son & holy ghost. In spirit practices, mind, body & spirit. In government, the executive, the judicial and the legislative branches. There are so many examples! Even mottos come in threes: “stop, drop and roll”

So, I thought about it and there is a rule of 3 for everything. So, here it is! The Rule of Three for Relaxation


1. Utilize Relaxing techniques that work daily ~ Find the relaxation tools that work for you. Some people use Yoga, others meditate. Some people work with affirmations, some people journal. Try a lot of tools and find one that works and that you can incorporate EASILY into a daily routine. Sure, Massage and bodywork are great ways to relax but are you really going to be able to put that into a daily practice? This is something that you can do and becomes as routine to you as brushing your teeth!

2. Create A relaxing and comfortable Space ~ by creating a safe haven of peace and calm and use it on a regular basis, you become aligned with energies that surround you. Yes, things can get messy around your house ~ especially if you have an active household.  The old adage “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” holds a lot of meaning here. So, when you need to clean and tidy, it is quick, easy and relatively painless! Then, that peace and calm will come back to you just as easily!

3. Respite~ we all need it. Plan it into your monthly calendar. When (not if) are you going to create a time and place where you can fully unwind. Is it going to lunch with girlfriends? Is it scheduling a monthly massage? Is it a solo-walk peacefully on the beach (I’m not talking about your daily exercise routine here!) to realign your energies with what fuels your soul.

By following the Rule of Three for Relaxation, you will find more balance to your daily life and be better able to meet the challenges of stresses within it. Do you follow this rule? Or, is it time to begin to incorporate it more fully for yourself?

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