Points Points Everywhere Points!

There are many types of points that body workers utilize within their work: Acupressure Points, Reflexology Points, and Myofascial Trigger points, Marma Therapy Energy Points are just three types that may be implemented by your bodywork therapist.

What are these points?

Acupressure points are the points used in the ancient art of acupuncture. They can be used without needles by pressing upon them. Fingers gradually pressing upon these key healing points help to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. It is a great self-care treatment (Acupressure;s Potent Points is a great reference book) and very effective for stress-related illnesses and boosting the immune system.

Reflexology points & zones involve stimulating areas of the feet, hands, ears and face with pressure. The areas stimulated reflexively work on areas  in the body. An example is the fingertips reflexively work on the sinus and head issues. By applying pressure to these points, one can stimulate healing. They can be treated as a unique bodywork session or integrated into therapeutic massage to assist in one’s healing and wellness.

Myofascial Trigger Points are “knots”. It’s a small patch of contracted muscle tissue that is irregularly aligned. This patch becomes irritated because the blood supply is cut off. Put enough of these areas together and this collection becomes the cause of myofascial pain syndrome. The “Bible” for these points is Travell’s Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction. I received my copy as a graduation present from massage school in 1996. It’s a reference tool that any therapist who works on trigger points must have and must refer to often.

These points can be triggered by your own self care. Finding a spot that causes pain, placing and holding tension there until the pain is diminished. Your bodywork therapist can help educate you about what points you can treat to help your healing process.

Used individually or in conjunction during a treatment, any of these points can exponentially help the healing process during your therapeutic massage sessions. A therapist who has this variety of knowledge can also support you by showing you how to utilize these in a self-care treatment.  What type of points would you like to use and on what ailments do you want to use these?


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