Mercury Retrograde & Reflexology Massage:

 Why an Integrative Approach to Massage is exponentially beneficial. Massage. It’s benefits are well known now. It aids in decreasing pain, increasing range-of-motion, decreasing stress and create deep relaxation.

  Reflexology, in general, is using specific points on the body and applying pressure to them to aid in healing and relaxation. Done through the foot, hands and face, t takes specialized training to know what points to work on with an individual client to tailor a treatment that supports their healing and wellness.Both types of treatments are wonderful. They both help with muscular aches and pains. They both help stimulate the immune system. They both help decrease stress (and certainly there is  a lot of that with mercury in retrograde right now!)

Imagine combining the benefits of both. Imagine taking the strokes that massage therapy offers and intermixing them appropriately and in a timely fashion with the use of acupressure points in the face (for sinus relief), the hands (for blackberry thumb syndrome) and the feet (for enhanced breathing through pressing on diaphragm points) or any other points that a therapist would use for the specific challenges that you are facing?

What results is exponential healing and relaxation. You not only experience the benefits of each modality as a unique form of touch but you experience the combination of acupressure/reflexology and massage.

Is Stress in your life? Are you able to cope with the upcoming holiday season effectively? Do you want to step forward stress-free so that you can enjoy the time with family and friends? Then, now is the time to schedule an advanced healing treatment that combines the best of massage and reflexology. And, yes, that can be found at Body-Wise!

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