Lympha~What Massage?


A Q&A Primer on Lymphatic Massage & whether YOU are ELIGIBLE for One!

A crazy name, yes? Lymph massage is a type of massage which is designed to promote the healthy flow of lymph, the clear fluid which supports immune system function by flowing through the body and sequestering foreign material like viruses. The massage helps to eliminate blockages in the lymphatic system, while also helping to pull out toxins within this system.

What is Lymph Massage like? This type of massage is generally very gentle, but there are some serious contraindications, Massage work around the lymphatic system can make some medical conditions worse. Therefore, if you are under a doctor’s care for a serious medical condition, you should ask him/her about this treatment before scheduling an appointment . (People with inflammations and current infections should not get lymph massage, because the massage can encourage the spread of the infection. Lymph massage is also contraindicated for people with tumors and undiagnosed lumps, as well as people with clotting issues and heart problems. Lymph massage can make all of these conditions worse.)

What can I expect in a session? Depending on where a practitioner trains, he or she may use a variety of techniques in lymph massage. Generally, the touch is very light, and the patient may remain clothed or nude, depending on personal comfort levels. A therapist may use therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance the work that they do and may combine other forms of massage to best suit the needs of their client. Clients should always communicate about pain during the massage, and they should also be aware that swollen lymph nodes can be a sign of a serious health condition which requires medical treatment, not massage.

When is this kind of massage important?  Lymph massage has been shown to reduce swelling and clear the lymphatic system. This allows lymph to move freely through the body. The massage also stimulates the flow of other interstitial fluids in the body, theoretically encouraging the fluid to pull out toxins so that they can be sequestered by the lymph system.

I’m pregnant. Is it okay for me to receive a lymphatic massage? YES! It helps reduce swelling in the ankles and in the breast tissue. It helps support your immune system and as many women will not be taking over-the-counter medications, it keeps you healthier throughout the pregnancy.

My ankles are swollen. I think it’s the heat. Can lymphatic massage help? Absolutely. Everyone has a tendency to retain water during heat waves ~ some more than others. Just by elevating your legs you will feel better and by adding the benefits of lymphatic massage along with a cooling essential oil swelling will go down.

I’m heading for surgery? Some practitioners recommend lymph massage right before surgery, to ensure that the lymphatic system is clear. It may also be used after surgery to reduce swelling. Some practitioners offer breast massage to pregnant women and nursing mothers to reduce the aches and pains associated with the changes in breast tissue that occur during pregnancy.

I guess I don’t need it, I’m pretty healthy. Can I benefit? Lymph massage can also be used as a tool for general well-being. You may hear this type of massage called lymphatic massage, lymphatic drainage, or manual lymphatic drainage.

When seeking a practitioner, be sure to ask about where he or she trained. A reputable massage therapist will be happy to provide credentials such as proof of membership in a professional organization, and he or she should also be honest with you if lymph massage is contraindicated in your case.


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