Have you had your water today?

Water is essential to our physical needs. It is also essential to our emotionally needs as well.

When your body becomes dehydrated each and everyone of our bodies systems begins to shut down. Our circulatory system slows, our lymphatic system becomes sluggish, our muscles are weakened, our nervous system (think brain!) does not respond as well. Our skin looks less vibrant and certainly becomes drier. Need I say more?

Have you had your water today? Consider these facts about water:

  • it makes up 75% of your brain
  • it is your bodies regulator of temperature
  • it keeps you looking younger
  • it protects your heart
  • it helps you burn fat
  • it prevents constipation
  • it decreases fatigue
  • it is a carrier of oxygen for all your cells
  • it flushes out toxins
  • it helps control your calorie intake 

So how much? There’s new equation that you might want to try. Weight(in lbs.)/2 = # of ounces.

so if you weigh a 140 lbs you would need to divide that by 2 to get your answer:  140/2 = 70 ounces. 

So if you were thinking 64 ounces for all, think again!

Have you had your water today? 

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