Facial reflexology for anxiety & depression & relaxation

        There is this  ‘thing’ called facial reflexology. What is it? I’ve been asked over and over. Questions and comments abound about is it an eschtetic facial…why as a massage therapist would you go into that? It sounds like just one of those “Spa” treatments for relaxation. But, mostly, the question I get is “Does it Work” 

        It does! I spent 2009 learning and studying and practicing and asking questions upon questions about this work. The training is not easy; the understanding of the concepts takes a commitment to learning; and then, there is the practice time. As in massage school, it takes many hours and many faces to learn the nuances and skill in offering this treatment.

     It most certainly is a relaxing technique. I have never found any one of my clients to not come out of  a treatment without a very deep sense of peace and serenity. So, if you are looking for a way to relax, escape and rejuvenate, I would most definietely encourage you to seek out this treatment.

    It’s benefits go so much deeper than this and I will explore these in future posts for you!  Here, I will share with you a case study from a classmate of mine who is doing an exceptional job at sharing results she is getting from the work she does with her clients. These show how Facial Reflexology has helped for severe anxiety and depression!

From Connie Bryne; Reflexologist in North Carolina


 Female, age 56 Problem:Client suffered from severe anxiety and depression. She was on 2 prescription medications to help her with these problems.  Client reports that she often feels achy all over.

Conclusion:After one session, client started feeling better. After 6 sessions, client reported that she had stopped taking her anxiety medications.   Client reports that she feels better, is happier and no longer feels the achiness all over her body. Client continues to come every 2 – 4 weeks for facial reflexology.

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