Eight ways to find time for Simple Self Care that gives you Renewed Energy

“It’s so hard to find time for self-care” I think everyone’s said that in one form or another. And, it seemingly can be. But, self-care doesn’t have to be a full blown vacation or retreat. It doesn’t even have to be an hour’s yoga class or massage therapy session.


During the errand and event filled holiday season, it can be even harder to find that time. Seemingly, the proverbial holiday list never seems to get shorter. There is a lot you can do for self-care by taking simple breaks throughout the day that are focused on YOU and YOUR ENERGY!

You might not be able to physically get away but you can mentally. You only need to find 3 minutes. Here are eight ways to find those 3 minutes and 8 ways to take a mini vacation:

8 Ways to find 3 minutes in your day:

  • In the bathroom in the morning.
  • In the car, before getting out of it at work
  • Just before a meeting
  • Just before sitting back at your desk from lunch
  • Getting into the car after the workout in the gym
  • While waiting for the kids –at the bus stop, at an after school class or sporting event
  • After washing the last dish after dinner or after a load of laundry is put in the dryer
  • Just before you close your eyes to sleep

8 Ways to take a Mini-Vacation is as little as 3 minutes!

  • Go for a brief walk around your home, office or even in the parking lot after grocery shopping
  • Stand tall, breathe in and out deeply, swing your arms in rhythm with your body
  • Light an invigorating candle
  • Pull an oracle card & reflect upon it
  • E-mail or DM a good friend you haven’t talked to in awhile and just say “HI”
  • Sit Up straight and do two slow neck rolls one way and reverse
  • Do a face massage-pay particular attention to your eyebrows, your temples and long slow pull on your ear lobes
  • 10 deep Healing breathes
  • Stretch your arms up high and drink in the energy and spirit the sky has to offer

What other ways can you find time or give yourself a moment of self-care this holiday season and throughout the year?


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