Create a new paradigm~ to continue working with your body’s coach!

Last week, one of my clients thought she had to make the difficult decision of continuing with me as her massage therapist or stop working  with her trainer and do it on her own. She had been using both to keep her chronic pain at bay and exponentially enhance her general well being. There had been some financial stresses which led her to this place.  She was sure that she was going to end her monthly appointments with me but, after much discussion, she figured out a way to continue to do both!

What she discovered was that she generally needed a week to ten days off every two months from training to give her body a rest, recover, and give herself new perspective. So, instead of backing off of massage and training totally, she was going to embrace this new found schedule work with her trainer for one week a month, spend time training on her own for another 6 weeks and then take a week off. During this week, she would come in for a massage. Her purse got a break from her every other week massage and from continual cost of training. Her body caught a break and she still could come in and get the training input and bodywork that she felt so necessary to her health and stress levels.

This may not be the right solution for everyone but sometimes we think it’s an all or nothing process. It really isn’t. It may be that you simply need to open up to different possibilities. And, isn’t that what a coach is afterall, someone who shows you an improved way of doing things?


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