Couples Massage: An Intimate way to Relaxation, Healing & Bonding


Couples massage is a trend that has taken over the ‘spa’ industry over the last 5 years. These treatments are offered in a suite or office large enough for two tables. You and your spouse, partner or friend receive a massage given by your own personal therapist.

There are pros and cons to receiving a therapeutic and relaxing massage in the same room at the same time. You and the person you will be sharing this experience with need to understand this to gain the maximum benefits from your time together and with your therapists.

The benefits include:

  • A comfortable way to introduce massage to someone who might not be willing to receive one without the support of another person there at the same time
  • Time with someone you don’t often get a chance to see
  • Sharing an experience with a partner
  • Receiving healing and relaxation together
  • Co-coordinating a time when a massage is convenient for both parties
  • For couples, it may renew and inspire passion

Some concerns that should be considered:

  • Many consider a ‘massage’ their own personal time and may not want to share it with someone
  • People may find it distracting to have a partner in the room
  • Some might find it difficult to communicate effectively with their therapist with a partner in the room
  • Difference in expectations of using the time to ‘catch up’

~one might want to chat; the other to zone out
~one might find it uncomfortable to share stories in front of therapists

Before you schedule an appointment, consider these pros and cons & talk with the person you want to share this time. It may be a better idea to try to schedule individual massages at the same time and then catch up with a nice lunch or dinner afterward.

We want to know, have you ever had a couples massage? If you did, what was good about it and what could have been improved upon?


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