Can you feel it? Don’t you just need to be Kneaded?

Imagine what it’s like to be receive a treatment. That is: A Treat Meant” just for you:

When I walked into Body-Wise Therapeutics, I immediately began to unwind. The welcome from my therapist was warm and friendly. The treatment room was dim with soothing music and there were candles flickering softly around the room. My therapist sat with me for a moment and discussed what results I was looking for from my bodywork today. In addition to the usual sore shoulders and achy back, I let her know that I had been under at tremendous amount of stress. With a smile, she assured me that we would address all of my needs, mentally and physically. My stress started to melt away as soon as I got on the table in between the warm, flannel sheets. My therapist then knocked quietly on the door and entered, she bolstered my knees with a soft pad and a warm, heating pad was placed across my abdomen. The weight and the warmth began to help me sink into the table and after a few deep breaths that were facilitated by my therapist, the session began.


The hour went by quickly, as I was in and out of an almost sleep state. (I later discovered this was the Alpha Brain Wave state where relaxation occurs) I was aware of all of the areas of tension that were being worked, but was so relaxed that the entire session melted into one. As it came to an end, I took several deep inhales and truly felt completely rejuvenated…with a quiet mind, relaxed body and embracing my soul.  I knew, too, that coming back again ~ sooner than later ~ wass a necessity for me to embrace wellness and healing; to be relaxed in a way that I can better serve my family and friends. Visiting BodyWise Therapeutics is your first step to finding this calm in your life, healing the physical body while balancing the spiritual. Call 401.848.9825 to speak with a therapist about your need to be kneaded!

Or you can join us for our LIVE Essential Self Care Strategy Event:

Tailoring Your Roadmap to Greater Health & Well-Being Wednesday, October 12th. Click on the picture for more information!

Are you willing to take an hour out of your day once a week, once a month, once a season to feel this way? Would you like to feel refreshed and be able to step back into your world refreshed and ready to be a better you?
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