Benefits of Using A Seasoned Massage Therapists

 New massage ‘membership’ companies are becoming popular in the industry. They offer monthly membership fee and a lower rate on massages. In some cases, this might be of benefit. To the traveler who can join one of these companies that is in many cities, it works wonderfully.
However, there are some concerns. The therapists they hire are typically just out of school because of the wages they offer. They are often required to do six to 8 massages a day often one right after the other. Personally, as a massage therapist who gives my all to a client~ physically and holding a space for healing ~ that amount of giving in one day is too much. I need to refill and refuel myself to give 100% to you!
One of the ‘fathers’ of massage therapy’ says this“In implementing the goals of bodywork, such as therapeutic/medical massage, structural work for posture or improved joint function, and even in subtle work to help the flow of energy outward from the core, what’s necessary is a clear understanding of your therapeutic goals.An excellent bodyworker will take the best of many different philosophies and apply them in varying degrees with each client, as the need arises.” ~ Art Riggs.
I was good out of school. But, looking back, I provide opportunities for healing and wellness that far surpasses what I was able to give over 15 years ago. I’ve taken more continuing education than my base schooling provided and have offered over 20,000 treatments. Can you get that in a ‘membership’ company?
I’m so grateful and blessed to have you as a client and fan. It allows me to continue to passionately give to you! Thank you!
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