Be in The Moment ~ even in a massage or bodywork treatment.

So, you want to relax and get away during your massage. To do this, you must be in the moment. Bringing your ‘schtuff’ into a massage room is not going to help you to heal, relax and unwind. So here are a three simple ideas for you to try before your next appointment:

1) Arrive Early and slowly drink a glass of water. You will be able to slow down before your appointment even starts. Drinking a glass of water will help you to stay hydrated, healthy and put you into that mode.

2) Before entering your treatment room, imagine a waste paper basket there. Take a big breath in and throw your troubles and cares away. (of course, they will be there when you leave but only if you want to shift through the garbage 😉 This is an exercise that allows you to enter the room a little lighter

3) During your treatment, focus on your breathing and the experience of your therapist’s hands. If your mind wanders to something in your life, slowly allow it to flow out of you and  return to focusing on your breath. This technique will allow you to ‘drift off’ into a place where you can just BE with the experience of the hands that are working on you! By just BEing, often times powerful messages and healing take place!

What Tips do you have to Be In The Moment during your massages?

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