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Are you wearing the RIGHT hat?

It’s summer and the living is easy! But is it healthy? One way to live easy & healthy is to protect yourself from the sun. Wearing sunscreen is good but wearing a hat is better. Is it the Right Hat? … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Self First is Critical to helping others!

Too Often, we put ourselves last in the chain of self-care. It is critical to put your own self care first. I’ve learned this from my family, my friends and, oh so many of my clients. Think about the last … Continue reading

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Got Allergies? Sinus Pain? Want Relief? It’s just fingertips away…

Many of my clients suffer from sinus pain, and the spring allergy season brings out the worst of it. While here are the obvious over-the-counter remedies and holistic approaches to get relief, if you can avoid the triggers in the … Continue reading

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