Aromatherapy for the scents of the indoor season!

We are going indoors. It’s that time of year. And we turn to nurturing foods as we head to the fall and winter season. Can’t you just smell the aromas brewing in the kitchen. The scent just warms the heart and soothes the soul.

Too, Aromatherapy is very healing. Not only does it soothe the soul but essential oils can be used as disinfectants, antibacterial agents and so much more. They are a gift from nature as they are extracts from plants, trees, seeds, roots and flowers.  They can be used for many things from pain relief to skin care, to invigorate the body or reduce anxiety and alleviate fatigue. Blending oils can have an increased affect in healing and relaxation but must be done so with care.

If you choose to blend oils, it  must be done so with caution.

Here are a few tips for you, if you want to blend different essential oils in the home.


1. Use a reputable oil~ Therapeutic grade oils will give you medicinal results ~ synthethically made oils will not.

2. Ventilate when mixing~ If you are mixing oils to create a blend, make sure that you are ventilating the area. Often times, fumes can become overwhelming.

3. Always Dilute Oils in a Carrier oil~ you should not use oils ‘neat’ as skin irritations can occur without the appropriate testing and training by a professional.

4. use extreme caution if pregnant~ there are many oils that are considered unsafe for mom and baby.

5. Oils should be kept in brown tightly closed bottles in a cool dark place~ shelf life is often short and spoilage may occur as well as preventing them from evaporating and oxidizing.

6. Ask a professional~ If you are mixing oils, make sure that the ‘recipe’ you are following has been given to you by a professionally trained aromatherapist. If you have any questions or before beginning to mix oils, a trained therapist can help you avoid making harmful mistakes.


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