Aromatherapy for Anesthesia Stress & Anxiety

As many of you know, I’ve recently gone through two surgeries. One in late January and one late last week. I’m doing well and hoping to be hopping around on these healing ankles soon!

I had exceptional care in both surgeries. The second was easier on me than the first and here is the story:

Before the first surgery, I was extremely anxious and stress and did no self care the few days leading up to the day of surgery. The anesthesia took me for a loop after the first surgery. I had an extremely high blood pressure that took a few hours to level down in the recovery room. Then, I was fine.

I took some measures to better control my stress the second go-around. I limited my schedule the week before. I did a syncho-alignment (a specialized form of meditation) to find my Surgery-Totem and brought him into my dream time the week before for peace and calming during surgery. I also created a tailor made blend of aromatherapy just for me to use during this time- one I named: “Peace in the Nick of Time”.



The aromatherapy blend contained ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) and blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) and lemon (Citrus limon). I diffused it in my car doing last minute errands the day or two before surgery. I  added it to oils that I took a shower with. I even added drops to my  dream pillow for additional healing.

The morning of the surgery, I took 5 drops and placed it on two cotton balls. One I taped  to my heart chakra. The other, I kept with my clothes for the drive home. I was overjoyed when they allowed me to keep it even as they wheeled me into the operating room!

Post surgery, my blood pressure was phenomenally low for me.  Two surgeries, two different preparations and two different results!  I’ll take the second of the two any day. Wouldn’t you?

You too can create little ‘moments’ of relaxation, peace and calming through essential oils placed on cotton balls. What scents would you use to decrease anxiety & create Peace in the Nick of Time for yourself?

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