Are you wearing the RIGHT hat?

It’s summer and the living is easy! But is it healthy? One way to live easy & healthy is to protect yourself from the sun. Wearing sunscreen is good but wearing a hat is better. Is it the Right Hat?

Does the hat you are wearing protect your from the sun? This is a good rule of thumb from Dr. Frank Perna of the National Cancer Institute. ” He says that if you can see through the clothing, so can the sun. And UV can pass through it and it will not provide you the optimum protection. Did you know that some clothes actually are now marked with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) You should also choose a large brimmed hat and one that covers your ears and neck. Looks like My hat above would not cut the mustard!


What kind of hats do you use during the summer to protect your face and head from the sun? 

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