Are you like March? Feeling “In Like A Lion”

Has winter left you feeling like a lion? Wanting to Roar?

          Do you feel like Roaring Out loud from the stress of snow-shoveling? Have you been less than kind to your body this winter? Do you feel housebound or not wanting to go out in the wintry weather?   Has winter stressed you out? When was the last time you took an hour of time for yourself and relaxed, really relaxed ? Are you low on energy?
        If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone. It’s hard to see that Spring is coming but it is. Here are some things, for those of us in the northern hemisphere and in the northeastern part of the United Satates, you can do to See that Spring is coming & Energy Up your life!

~Use your calendar

  • count down the days to Daylight Savings Time
  • count down the days to Spring
  • Mark any of the occasions listed on the date you see it
  • Use colorful markers that signify Spring to you

~Listen to the Birds Chirping in the morning–they are beginning to sing

~Watch the days get longer—look outside at 5:00 pm

~Energy UP your home:

  • Open the windows—even on a chilly day & let the fresh air infuse your home
  • Buy a small bouquet of flowers and use them as a center piece for your dinner table
  • Infuse the air with Lavendar or any other scent that reminds you of spring
  • Begin to plan your Spring Cleaning projects

~Take care of yourself through exercise, bodywork & self-expression

~Inhale Deep cleansing breaths!!!!!!

~How are you going to  Energy UP  for your early Spring ?   Spring is coming! Will you be ready for it?

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