A Rose is A Powerful Essence!

     It’s February! It’s Valentine’s Day!  What can a Rose do for you?????

                                    Many of us equate a Rose with romance. Why is that? Is it it’s beauty? Is it the smell? It’s Color? or does it go beyond that?

I believe it’s because of it’s healing powers and it’s connection to love…not the romantic kind of love but the ever powerful compassionate love that surrounds us!

             Ancient doctors used rose water to help treat upset nerves. They used rose incense to help patients suffering from lungs diseases.  They  gave extracts of rose petals to patients suffering from heart and kidney diseases. All for the sake of healing!

             The essential oil that comes from a rose has been shown to have one of the highest vibrational frequencies. That frequency is equated to the frequency we send when we are sending love. 

           That’s where AROMATHERAPY can be so powerful! Would it not be wonderful for a doctor to write a perscription for rose water to help with anxiety? Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the psychatrist to say “Go smell Roses and you will feel good” Because, you will.

           If you give a rose this holiday, add it’s power by enclosing one of these instructions with it. If you receive a rose this holiday, use one of these instructions to add to it’s romantic effects. If neither happens, then go buy yourself one! It’s the best present possible and you deserve it. Then, add one of these and increase THE POWER OF THE ROSE FOR YOU!

  • Bath with the Rose Petals: it’s the perfect gift of relaxation and it tones and purifies the skin too! 


  • Create an infusion:   Pour boiling water over half a glass of rose petals and infuse in a closed bowl to preserve attar of roses.  Breathe in like air of Spring                       to increase the spirit or save the water and place it in a spritz bottle to enliven a room’s energy.


  • Create a Tea made of rose petals (a tea-spoon of dried rose petals per a glass of boiling water) It’s healingis good against cold, pharyngitis, bronchitis &                   various neuroses; it is a vitaminous drink as well and it tastes delicious on a cold winter afternoon.


This Valentine’s Day, I wish you joy and the blessings that the POWER OF ROSES bring to your life!


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